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Corona SDK

Corona Labs is mobile software company located in Palo Atlo, California, best known for creating Corona SDK, a cross-platform 2D framework with native support of iOS, Android, Windows, NOOK and Kindle application building.

Fuse Powered

Fuse Powered provides the industry’s only player-centric platform to enable mobile game publishers to optimize every player experience. From targeted IAP offers, rewarded video and relevant ads, Fuse helps publishers maximize game revenue, from a single SDK.


Paris based Adbuddiz is one of the leaders of mobile advertising market. Company has great international team while its framework supports many platforms.


Upsight is another big player on mobile advertising market. Company has significant client base and it’s working with many publishers like Namco Bandai, Cartoon Network, Sega, etc.


Samsung Group is international conglomerate company with headquarters in Seoul. It has many subsidiaries and affiliated businesses. Company plays leading role in wide array of markets including mobile segment. It is direct competitor to Apple.


The largest mobile games-only platform to increase revenue and discover new players.