Color Lines (Color Balls)   

Color Lines (Color Balls) — HD-remake of classic game Lines 98, also known as Color Lines or Color Balls. Goal of the game is to score as many points is possible collecting lines of 5 or more balls in a row. Rows can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Each turn 3 more balls appear on the game board. Collected line not only disappears but also postpone appearing of new balls on this turn.


Features of our version of the game:

  • Breathtaking graphics and animation;
  • You can define board size and colors of the balls;
  • Visual customization for the balls and game boards;
  • Undo function for turns;
  • Automatic progress saving after each turn;
  • Global leaderboards;
  • Nice music and sounds which can be disabled via Settings menu;
  • Simple yet hard to master gameplay.

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